Silox is an alternative to grain storage, which can work together with the static silo.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silox and how does it work?

Silox is a flexible and economical silo-bag for agricultural storage solution, it consists of a resistant plastic tube that stores grains, forages, or silage. It creates an anaerobic atmosphere, that preserves the quality of the stored product and it makes easier to control the storage conditions.

What are the main advantages of the Silox compared to the traditional silos?

Silox advantages include cheaper installation, lower maintenance cost, more flexibility, quick and easy installation, and better conservation of the quality of the stored products.

How is the installation and maintenance of the Silox?

The installation of the Silo Bag is simple. It is usually done with a bagger, and it is not necessary a large structure. The maintenance includes monitoring plastic integrity and the storage conditions, such as temperature and moisture.

Is the Silox proper to store which types of agricultural products?

Silox is proper to store several agricultural products, such as grains (corn, soy, wheat), forages (pasture, hay), and silage. It is versatile and adaptable to every specific need of farmers.

What is the storage capacity and durability of Silox?

The storage capacity of the Silo Bag varies from some tons up to thousand metric tons, according to its size. The durability depends on the installation care and maintenance, it can last several years if with there is good conservation.

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